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About me

I'm Aleksandar Goševski, software developer based in Serbia. I focus on combining modern technologies to build stable and sophisticated web applications and APIs. I started my journey with HTML & CSS back in 2007, but I didn't stopped there. In the meanwhile I worked with variety of other technologies including PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Go, etc.

Currently working as a Staff Software Engineer at Vast (Acquired by Vroom).

I'm passionate about my machine setup, always tweaking my dotfiles.


  • JavaScript (Node.js, express, koa, Nuxt.js, Vue, React)
  • HTML & CSS (postcss, sass, accessibility, semantics)
  • Tools ((n)vim ❤️, tmux, zsh, ansible, git, gulp, vite, etc.)
  • Other (design patterns, single-page apps, speed optimisation, etc.)